We are the experts in using Theranostics to fight Cancer more intelligently.

Meet our Medical Director, Dr. Frankis Almaguel, MD, PhD, an unparalleled expert in Theranostics with a unique blend of extensive research and hands-on patient care knowledge.

w Nuclear Oncologist at Loma Linda University Cancer Center

w Leads the Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics Program at Loma Linda

w Specializes in Prostate Cancer & Nuclear Oncology

w Has been the lead researcher for numerous Clinical Trials for Theranostics in Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer and 26 other cancer types

w Has treated more patients with Theranostics than any other provider in the world

Erase Cancer

Alan Held Erased His Cancer With Theranostics

Alan Held underwent a groundbreaking theranostics treatment for prostate cancer in Germany. This innovative approach, led by Dr. Frankis Almaguel at Loma Linda University Medical Center, eradicated 80% of Held’s cancer cells after just one session. With thousands benefiting from theranostics in Germany, the FDA has now approved Theranostics for use in the U.S., signaling a transformative shift in prostate cancer care. The before and after shows Mr. Held’s results from treatment with Theranostics.