We are the experts in using Theranostics to fight Cancer more intelligently.

Meet our Medical Director, Dr. Frankis Almaguel, MD, PhD, an unparalleled expert in Theranostics with a unique blend of extensive research and hands-on patient care knowledge.

w Nuclear Oncologist at Loma Linda University Cancer Center

w Leads the Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics Program at Loma Linda

w Specializes in Prostate Cancer & Nuclear Oncology

w Has been the lead researcher for numerous Clinical Trials for Theranostics in Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer and 26 other cancer types

w Has treated more patients with Theranostics than any other provider in the world

Erase Cancer
Alan Held Erased His Cancer With Theranostics

Alan Held Erased His Cancer With Theranostics

Alan Held underwent a groundbreaking theranostics treatment for prostate cancer in Germany. This innovative approach, led by Dr. Frankis Almaguel at Loma Linda University Medical Center, eradicated 80% of Held’s cancer cells after just one session. With thousands benefiting from theranostics in Germany, the FDA has now approved Theranostics for use in the U.S., signaling a transformative shift in prostate cancer care. The before and after shows Mr. Held’s results from treatment with Theranostics.