Oncologist Partnerships

Our collaboration with leading oncologists nationwide focuses on adding another arrow to your already robust cancer treatment options quiver. We share your values in cancer treatment and your commitment to patient-centered care. Theranostics and precision medicine, combined with existing treatment options, gives your patients the most personalized and effective treatment possible.

w Expertise in Prostate Cancer Care: Oncologists continue to be the foremost experts in all things cancer treatment. We collaborate with you to integrate our advanced molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies into your patients treatment plans in an effort to tailor each therapy to the patient’s unique profile.

w Integrated Treatment Approaches: Privado Health values open communication and shares in the decision-making process, when appropriate, with oncologists. We’re intimately involved with the logistics and administration of theranostics when applicable, allowing you to focus on the patient and their care.

w Enhanced Patient Outcomes: The synergy between your clinical expertise and our theranostic methods leads to improved treatment accuracy, reduced side effects, and overall outcomes that we all strive for.

Collaboration Model

Although every partnership can vary, we typically collaborate in two ways.

Join Our Referral Program

Privado has created a referral program that allows direct access to a consultation with Dr. Almagel. Patients referred by our partners receive priority appointments.

Joint Venture

With certain oncologists and/or oncology groups, it’s possible to set up treatment programs at your clinic/office. We have a program set up that will train the necessary staff, manage safety protocols, and coordinate logistics for therapy delivery etc.

What benefits do patients receive from this partnership?

Patient Benefits

Patients benefit because they’re presented with another treatment option that they may be successful for their cancer profile.

Treatment Coordination by Privado

Treatment Coordination

Timing and logistics with the drugs used in theranostics is very difficult as the half life isn’t very long. Often, multiple patients are scheduled on a day with backup patients as well. Privado will train your staff on best practices and consult with doctors on all treatment protocols. And lines of communication are always open with our trained Privado clinicians.