Alan Held’s Triumph Over Prostate Cancer: A Journey of Hope with Theranostics


Alan Held's battle against prostate cancer is a remarkable testament to the power of perseverance, cutting-edge medical technology, and the unwavering support of family. Diagnosed at the age of 64 with stage-four prostate cancer that had metastasized extensively, Alan's story took an extraordinary turn when his son, Josh, discovered a promising treatment option called "theranostics" in Germany. In this blog post, we'll follow Alan's incredible journey through diagnosis, treatment abroad, and the groundbreaking theranostic approach that changed his life.

A Challenging Diagnosis

In September 2018, Alan Held received a devastating diagnosis: stage-four prostate cancer with over 100 metastases scattered throughout his body, particularly in his bones. The news was a heavy blow, but Alan was determined to confront the disease head-on. His medical journey began with hormone therapy and chemotherapy tablets, but the cancer persisted despite months of treatment.

The Search for Theranostics

With the cancer still present in his bones seven months into treatment, Alan's eldest son, Josh, embarked on a mission to find a more effective solution. His research led him to "theranostics," a groundbreaking treatment that combined diagnostics and therapy. The catch was that this promising treatment was available only in Germany. Undeterred, Josh decided to support his father's journey to access this innovative therapy.

A Journey Across Continents

In September 2019, Alan and his wife, Linda, embarked on a life-changing journey from their Vacaville home to Frankfurt, Germany. After a two-hour drive, they arrived at the Center Clinic in the scenic town of Bad Berka. It was a journey filled with hope and anticipation, driven by the belief that theranostics could provide the breakthrough Alan desperately needed.

Theranostics Unleashed

At the Center Clinic, doctors administered the revolutionary theranostic treatment. An IV in Alan's arm delivered molecular-targeted liquid radiation on a mission to seek and destroy cancer cells. This cutting-edge therapy offered a glimmer of hope to Alan, who had battled prostate cancer relentlessly.

Remarkable Progress

The results were nothing short of astonishing. A follow-up scan after the theranostic treatment revealed that an incredible 80 percent of the metastases had vanished. Alan's bones, once speckled with cancer, had transformed. The emotional impact of this progress was immeasurable.

A Journey of Healing

Alan returned to Germany for a second theranostic treatment in December 2019, which further reduced the tumors. A few months later, he flew back for a third treatment, each visit erasing more of the cancer. Nearly two years later, Alan has only three small dormant spots in his body, a testament to the transformative power of theranostics.

The Role of Dr. Frankis Almaguel

Dr. Frankis Almaguel, Director of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics Research at Loma Linda University Cancer Center, played a pivotal role in Alan's journey. Dr. Almaguel had been working to bring theranostics to the United States and had patients flying to Germany for the treatment. His support, expertise, and prayers provided Alan with much-needed encouragement during his treatments.

The Promise of Theranostics

Theranostics represents a revolution in cancer treatment, combining diagnostics and therapy with remarkable precision. It begins with the diagnosis, where tiny molecules seek out cancer cells and bind to them, enabling doctors to pinpoint the disease's location. Then, these molecules transform into therapeutic agents, selectively destroying cancer cells with minimal side effects.


Alan Held's incredible journey through prostate cancer and theranostic treatment is a testament to the relentless pursuit of hope and innovation in the fight against cancer. His story, made possible by the unwavering support of his son and the groundbreaking theranostic approach, shines a light on the path to a brighter future in cancer treatment. Dr. Frankis Almaguel's efforts to bring theranostics to the United States offer promise and hope for countless individuals facing cancer. As theranostics advances, it brings us closer to a future where precision medicine replaces the trial-and-error approach, ensuring better outcomes and improved quality of life for cancer patients worldwide.