At Privado Health, we are pioneers in the groundbreaking field of theranostics, a revolutionary approach that synergistically combines therapy with diagnostics to revolutionize cancer treatment. Our commitment to this cutting-edge method stems from a deep understanding that every cancer patient’s journey is unique, requiring personalized and precise care. Through theranostics, we are not only able to precisely target cancer cells but also monitor the effectiveness of treatments in real-time, offering a beacon of hope to those facing the most challenging battles of their lives. As we lead the charge in theranostics for cancers such as prostate and breast cancer, we remain steadfast in our mission to enhance the quality of life for our patients and to be at the forefront of a transformative shift in cancer care. With our renowned medical director, Dr. Frankis Almaguel, at the helm, we uphold our promise to deliver innovative, patient-centric theranostic solutions that embody the future of oncological care.

Infant Surgery Los Angeles
Pacific Coast Pediatric Surgery

(805) 372-8500

At Pacific Coast Pediatric Surgery, our dedication to Infant Surgery Los Angeles is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique needs of our youngest patients and their families. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Philip K. Frykman, we are committed to providing exceptional surgical care for infants with a gentle touch and the latest evidence-based techniques. Whether it’s addressing …

Medical Pouch Sealer

The value of even the most stellar medical device is lost if sterility is compromised. Package your medical device with confidence with a medical device pouch sealer from Van der Stähl Scientific. For 25 years we have helped our medical device customers deliver billions of sterile devices safely to the point of care. Our competent staff delivers boutique level services through our in-house ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that upholds the highest standard of quality control. We serve the world’s largest and smallest medical device firms with equal care and support. We invite you to explore our site today and Van der Stähl Scientific, Inc.

Sharp Wound Debridement Texas

Boost your OR efficiency and turnover with an affordable solution that lessens bleeding complications and pain management costs. The EZDebride Wound Instrument offers a concise training course, easy-to-understand terminology, and hands-on demos. It provides safe, precise depth debridement, minimizing infection risk and ensuring wounds are bloodied, not bleeding.

Substance Abuse Treatment Orange County

Clear Life Recovery

2822 Monterey Ave
Costa Mesa CA 92626 US

When it comes to substance abuse treatment in Orange County, one name stands head and shoulders above the crowd- Clear Life Recovery Center has the right program to meet your needs. Choose a total-immersion residential program or an outpatient program, depending on your schedule- we’ll help you decide when you call us.

Drug Rehab

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery

2700 S Woodlands Village Blvd Ste. 300
Flagstaff AZ 86001 US
(928) 814-2220

Are you looking for a drug rehab that is anything but ordinary? Consider taking an in-depth look at Back2Basics, an outdoor adventure recovery program that combines conventional and alternative therapy protocols to help clients achieve long-term recovery from addiction. Read more about our 6 month program and extended stay options. Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery

Alcohol Rehab Near Me

Aspen Behavioral Health

Aspen Behavioral Health 24/7 helpline 833-772-1295 alcohol rehab near me is a free and confidential service that provides support and assistance to people struggling with addiction. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is staffed by trained professionals who can provide support and resources to help you or someone you know get on the road to recovery.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst Dental Care

1872 80th St
Brooklyn NY 11214 US
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At Bensonhurst Dental, we understand the profound impact a complete smile revitalization can have on our patients’ lives, which is why we are deeply committed to offering state-of-the-art full mouth dental implants in Bensonhurst. Our dedicated team, led by accomplished professionals such as Dr. Alexander Rubinshtein, Dr. Marina Rubinshtein, and Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein, takes pride in transforming smiles with precision and artistry. We leverage our in-house dental laboratory to customize implants that seamlessly integrate with your natural oral structure, ensuring durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Our approach is rooted in a deep desire to restore not just the beauty of your smile, but also to enhance your overall quality of life. As we guide you through the process with personalized care and advanced technology, your journey to a complete, confident smile is our utmost priority. Bensonhurst Dental Care

Drug Rehab PA

Montco Recovery Center

We receive a lot of phone calls at MRC asking if we can recommend the best drug rehab in PA. According to our success rate in treating addiction, we are the best treatment facility in the state. Look no further for the right treatment for you or someone you love. We offer a number of proven effective programs and treatments to deal with addiction.

Case Management Contra Costa County

Trinity Center

1888 Trinity Avenue
Walnut Creek CA 94596 US
+1 925-949-8712

At Trinity Center, nestled in the heart of Walnut Creek, we take immense pride in our role as a leading provider of housing-focused case management services in Contra Costa County. Every day, we are committed to guiding our members—adults facing homelessness and housing instability—toward pathways that lead to secure and stable lives. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly, embodying our core values of dignity and respect, to develop personalized case plans that address the unique challenges of each individual. We understand the complexities of navigating social systems and are steadfast in our efforts to connect our members to vital resources, overcome barriers, and achieve self-sufficiency. Our proactive approach to case management is more than just a service; it’s our commitment to uplift lives and empower our community members towards a brighter future.