Radiation Oncology Center Partnerships

Our partnership with premier radiation oncology centers is an important cornerstone to our mission to advance theranostic treatments to cancer patients throughout the country. These partnerships allow us to integrate state-of-the-art radiation therapy facilities with our theranostic expertise, giving patients the right treatment, at the right time, and in the right facility.

w Expertise in Prostate Cancer Care: Radiation oncology centers are set up with the latest in radiation therapy technology and meet the local standards on radiation treatments. Adding theranostics as another solution is seamless and efficient with the expertise of Privado and our renowned doctors.

w Integrated Treatment Approaches: Partnering with radiation oncology centers allows for the smooth integration of theranostics with radiation therapy. The ease of setting up and executing treatment plans in these centers means patients can start their therapy promptly, without unnecessary delays.

w Enhanced Patient Outcomes: The collaboration between radiation oncology centers and Privado Health aims to broaden the number of people that qualify and receive theranostic treatment, ultimately enhancing patient comfort and outcomes.

Collaboration Model

Although every partnership can vary, we typically collaborate in two ways.

Privado Patient Referral Program

Patients that Privado has consulted with and who we have qualified as a candidate for theranostics, get the treatment at your facility.

Theranostics Training Program

Radiation oncology centers can also participate in our training program to diagnose and qualify existing center patients and then provide.

What benefits do patients receive from this partnership?

Patient Benefits

Patients benefit because they’re presented with another treatment option that they may be successful for their cancer profile.

Treatment Coordination by Privado

Treatment Coordination

Timing and logistics with the drugs used in theranostics is very difficult as the half life isn’t very long. Often, multiple patients are scheduled on a day with backup patients as well. Privado will train your staff on best practices and consult with doctors on all treatment protocols. Lines of communication are always open with our trained Privado clinicians.