Partnerships with Clinical Trial Providers

A primary goal of Privado Health is the pursuit of reaching more cancer patients through theranostics. This is typically done through pharmaceutical and biotech health companies that initiate these clinical trials. We have a proven track record of participating in these clinical trials to advance research and development and to bring new theranostic solutions from the lab to the clinic.

w Pioneering Cancer Research: Through our partnership with clinical trial providers we’re able to help in advancing the development of new theranostic protocols for cancer treatment. We ultimately assist each other in treating different types of cancer and reaching more patients.

w Accelerating Drug Development: with our qualified facilities and professionals, we help in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that promising treatments reach patients faster.

w Expanding Treatment Options: Through these partnerships, we gain access to novel therapeutics and innovative approaches in cancer care, and the providers receive reliable feedback from a reputable partner.

Collaboration Model

Although every partnership can vary, we typically collaborate in two ways.

Involvement in Clinical Trials

Privado Health actively participates in the clinical trial process, from patient recruitment to trial execution and data analysis. Our role often includes providing theranostic expertise and support in monitoring patient outcomes.

Joint Research Venture

Our collaboration involves joint research efforts, sharing of data and insights, and co-development of theranostic protocols. We work together in designing and implementing clinical trials, ensuring rigorous standards for safety and efficacy.

What benefits do patients receive from this partnership?

Patient Benefits

Patients gain access to the latest treatment innovations and participate in clinical trials and potentially benefit from advanced treatments before they are widely available.