Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? There are a lot of dangers involved in taking illicit drugs or alcohol. These substances can affect your immune system, digestive system, liver, mental health, sexual life, and so forth. Once you notice you are becoming dependent on taking alcohol or illicit drugs, the best thing to do is to seek help from one of the best rehabs in Agoura Hills, CA. Awakenings Outpatient Mental Health and Drug Rehab is the right place to go.

At Awakenings, we aim to help drug and alcohol patients overcome their addiction issues. We offer compassionate, top class, well-detailed support for patients that will like to achieve sobriety. Whether you are struggling with a minor or severe case of addiction or mental health challenges, we are always ready to help you get through.

What’s more, our rehab center features a serene and calm environment. We have equipped the treatment center with state-of-the-art amenities and ultramodern facilities to make the place comfortable and convenient for you. Our compassionate and kind staff members will make you feel relaxed and comfy during your time at our facility. All these and many more make use one of the best rehabs in Agoura Hills, CA.

Customized Treatment Programs for Patients

At Awakenings, we understand that the addiction levels and mode of response to treatment usually vary between patients. Hence, we provide customized treatment schedule for our patients. This will involve a 12 step program that is guaranteed to help you achieve excellent results with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Some of the treatment services we provide include:

Addiction Treatment

We specialize in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. However, we not only treat your addiction issues, but we will also address you as a whole individual: body, mind, and soul. Our experienced therapists will provide you with coping skills and offer you the needed support and encouragement to get through this testing period. Within a short period, we will help you become sober.

Primary Mental Health

Are you suffering from mental health issues? This is a critical problem that requires adequate attention. Awakenings offers compassionate, top class, advanced treatments to help overcome your mental health issues. Our procedures are founded on effective medical and therapeutic practices. Whether you are suffering from mental health, depression, anxiety, and so forth, our therapeutic practices will help you get through.

Chronic Pain Program

Suffering from chronic pain can be a tough experience. Let our therapists at Awakenings help you get through this tough period. We provide beneficial, neuroscientific, and holistic treatments for pain, no matter the severity. Even if you have tried other treatments our chronic pain management program will help you achieve relief.

Binge Eating Disorder

For patients struggling with binge eating disorder, we provide a recovery program that puts the patient first. We will design an individualized program tailored to meet your physical, mental, and emotional needs, in a private and intimate environment.

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