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Are you looking for an excellent mobility lift company? Contact Starlift in North Saint Paul, Minnesota.

What Services Does A Mobility Lift Company Provide?

  • Mobile lift companies can provide several different types of services to their customers. Anyone that has mobility issues and requires the assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair can benefit from some lift.

What Is A Stair Lift?

If you have problems negotiating the stairs in your home, you might want to consider having a stairlift installed. A stairlift is a seat mounted to hardware that will gently take you upstairs or downstairs. It glides effortlessly on a unique rail. A stair lift can also work during a power outage, and they have several built-in safety features.

There are straight stairlifts constructed for a straight set of stairs. There are curved stairlifts for the curved ones. Plus, you might have outdoor steps that require an outdoor stairlift. Today, stairlifts are affordable, and there are several models you can choose.

The growing popularity of these life-changing devices has created a large market for refurbished models. Refurbished models are like new. Purchase all of your used mobility equipment from a reputable company that specializes in mobility problems. They will have passed rigorous safety tests and inspections. If you only need a stairlift for a short time while you are recuperating from an accident or surgery, you can even rent one.

What Other Products Do We Sell?

We sell several mobility products to assist you with everyday living. We believe you should have access to all areas of your home and live as independently as possible. Other devices we sell:

  • Home Elevators
  • Lift Chairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Portable Lifts
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Wheelchair Platform Lifts
  • Wheelchair Ramps

Let us help you stay in your home and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

What Happens To My Stair Lift During A Power Outage?

If your area experiences a power outage, you are covered. Your stairlift is battery powered and will work even without power. You will usually be able to ride it for 10 round trips, but this amount depends on the condition of the batteries and the weight of the user. There are times when the batteries will die, but you can turn the lift-off and then back on using the switch. Repeating this process several times will safely deposit you at the foot of the stairs.

Do You Have A Program For Our Veterans?

We pride ourselves in helping disabled veterans maintain their independence. By partnering with The Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota and the Donor Connect Program, we can help connect veterans with stairlifts and other equipment needed. The Donor Connect Program procures its funding through donations only, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Our mission is the install home lifts, elevators, stairlifts, or wheelchair lifts in the homes of all veterans from all eras. Many of our veterans need special modifications made to their homes, and sometimes a lift is an ideal solution. If you are looking for a first-class mobility lift company, contact Starlift today.

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