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Human Technology is a top-rated prosthetic company with over 11 years of experience in custom-designing artificial limbs. We specialize in designing the best quality artificial leg in Nashville at affordable prices.

Tips on how to use your prosthetic leg

Whether you are a beginner to wearing artificial limbs or a longtime wearer, it is important to maintain your device with proper hygiene and care to avoid any discomfort. Discuss the condition of your residual limb by visiting your podiatrist once every six months. You may also discuss your challenges and discomforts with the device to your physician or podiatrist and get a prescription for new liners and shrinkers.

Furthermore, you must learn the concept of K-Level, which is a type of measurement used to define the range of motion in amputees. It ranges from K-0 to K-4, where K-0 refers to the least active, and K-4 refers to most active or athletic. This helps your prosthetist or podiatrist measure and monitor your progress in mobility. We sell a state-of-the-art artificial leg in Nashville at affordable prices.

How to choose the best prosthetic company?

Do your research online to find the best prosthetic companies in your city and make sure to go through all their online reviews (both positives and negatives). Visit each of the firms to learn about their work, the technologies they use in making prosthetics, their prices, and other vital information.

Speak to their past customers to know about their after-sale service and the durability of their devices. Lastly, compare the prices of the artificial limb between one seller and another and choose the firm that offers more value-added services, extended warranty, and a great device for a reasonable price.

Types of prosthetics for sports

Amputees can now indulge in intense sports like climbing a mountain, surfing in the ocean, running in marathons, and competing in competitive swimming with the help of our exclusive range of prosthetic limbs for sporting activities. Our range of artificial limbs provide a natural gait to the user and enables them to participate in strenuous physical activities. Some of the common types of limb prosthetics include:

  • Running blades – This innovation allows amputees to compete in sports and lead an active lifestyle. These blades come with several layers of carbon fiber, which gives it the endurance and strength to mimic the swing and stance of natural running.
  • Swimming prosthetics – These limbs help balance the power of your stroke and are water-resistant. This kind of prosthetics come with specialized accessories and attachments to improve your performance in the water.
  • Climbing prosthetics – These devices come with a specially designed foot attachment to give amputees an edge with rock climbing. To make climbing easy, these limbs come in a “stubby” style to pivot and adapt to edges and different angles.

We empower below-knee and above-knee amputees to lead a confident, fulfilling, and gratifying life with one of our flagship creations, an artificial leg in Nashville. At the Human Technology, we strive to offer quality care to amputees with our range of highest grade prosthetics.

Artificial leg Nashville

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